The Danger of Dieting

The danger of dieting may not be apparent until you dig a little deeper...but you don't have to look far to find really good reasons to avoid dieting dangers ditch diets and live light instead!

I'm really curious to know how many health professionals (and ordinary citizens too) ever stop to contemplate just how dangerous is the never-ending call to lose weight? One of them is that you are progressively dieting yourself fatter.

Another, of the biggest dangers of dieting is that it is the swiftest route to disordered behavior and eating disorders.

Scale As a psychologist working in the arena of eating, I cannot help but notice that the danger of dieting is increasing:

• the variety of eating-disorders has grown;
• the age ranges it attacks have spread;
• it's target populations have margarined to include both men and previously unaffected ethnic groups and;
• the geographical locations they’re found have leapfrogged to areas where eating disorders were once unknown.

The danger of dieting is without doubt one of the best kept secrets to gaining weight poor health, disordered behavior and eating disorders.

I was a weight loss idiot and diet dummy

Diet books

Why are so many otherwise pretty sensible people like me taken in by the dieting industry? Why did I never stop to consider the danger of dieting?

After all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if diets worked, we wouldn't have a new one out ever season, weight and eating disorders problems wouldn't be on the increase, and the diet industry wouldn't be a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Why did I never even consider the danger in dieting??? Why? Why? Why? It would have saved me hours of agonizing.

Aha! The billion dollar question. And I think the quickest answer has to do with two factors: Firstly I was desperate and secondly, these products have been 'approved' by FDA which is supposedly interested in looking after my health - right??? Seems THAT's where I made my mistake!

An aha moment People who attend my webinars and workshops are amazed to hear that about the danger of dieting and that dieting is what has made them progressively fatter. Dieting also leads to some pretty disordered eating too.

It’s as if a light-bulb goes on and they can finally say, “Oh, my, you mean all my frantic restricting and deprivation is what has got me to this state and I can do something different?”

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