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Diet Failure - Diet Problems

Diet failure is all too common because the truth of the matter is that diet's really don't work unless you want to gain weight in the long run.

So I want you to throw out the window that you are to blame when diets fail because when you do that you'll open up to a new possibility that side-steps all those diet cons. I know this may be difficult to believe, but being failing at diets might actually lead to your success. I say this especially because there are so many diet problems that we seem to attribute to our lack of willpower when that really isn't the case. You heard me right!

I don't keep weight loss statistics for people who have gone through my Mind over Fatter program because weight loss alone does not tell me that a person has been been successful. For a diet to really have worked, it has to have passed all 10 of these criteria. If a diet hasn't been able to accomplish those, then in my book it is a diet failure and you are NOT.

Nor do I collect weight loss photos. I know... that's probably very unwise because if there is ever anything guaranteed to get people to buy your products it's those incredible weight loss stories with accompanying pics!

But at Mind over Fatter success is so much more than just weight loss - it's health-gain. And not just physical health, because spiritual and mental health are every bit (and sometimes more) as important to light and vibrant living as well as health. And that is way more important for me to help you achieve than just being thin!

Sometimes, what looks like a diet failure to outsiders counts as success for Mind over Fatter pilgrims because once you've freed yourself from the 'success measure' of weight loss only - then success can look different for each person as these three motivational stories illustrate:

Joy's story
How she lost
2/3's of her body weight!

If you read Joy's incredible weight loss success story and only notice much weight she has lost, you're being trapped into diet-thinking again. You'd be thinking well at least she's been anything but a diet failure.

But here's the irony - if Joy had just lost the weight - without making the other joy-filled living changes she has, in my book, she'd have failed herself and experienced the usual diet problems.

Because weight loss is NOT the most important part of her story. The part that is important is where Joy acknowledges it has been a physical, emotional and spiritual journey that is sustainable and not just about how she lost weight without dieting.

I began this journey in Sept 2004. I embarked on "Project Joy" getting my head together, doing the Mind over Fatter emotional processing workshops, going to therapy... in preparation for the radical re-emergence of ME!

At the time I weighed 187kg (411lbs), which on a 7ft frame is not attractive, so on my measly 1.52m (5ft) it looked positively monstrous! Since then I have managed to reshape myself into a rounded 69kg (151lbs) without being on a diet (and yes I think I am positively miniscule!)

It’s been a hard road not because I have been on a "diet" but because I have had to ask and answer (and am still asking and trying to answer!) all the big/hard/real questions. The real challenge for me has been in redefining all my relationships - from my marriage to children, friends and siblings.

It is a process as much around how you reshape your thinking as your body. And this is necessary for sustainability. It’s been a physical, emotional and spiritual journey or re-discovery.
(Joy) Sent: 11 October 2006 02:18 PM

Note from Cari - most people will look at the fact that Joy has lost 118 kgs (260lbs) and be wowed by her successful weight loss story. And yes, I'm thrilled that she's been able to lose that weight but frankly I'm far more impressed with the mind makeover she's embarked on because it's this that will keep her all natural weight loss off in the long run.

Jane's story

Jane doesn't have any weight loss pictures to share. For her, giving up dieting and adopting the Mind over Fatter attitude towards exercise was what changed her life.

I haven't lost any weight (gave that up years ago!!) , exercise keeps me as I am, which is a heavier/higher body fat percentage than one would expect for the type of things I have done for fun.

I have climbed Kilimanjaro ran a race across the Kalahari Desert and this year ran across The Alps (240km in 8 days, through 4 countries), raising R50 000 for The Smile Foundation in the process.

Even though I've always loved running (ran marathons in my 20's), at times I would get out onto the road just to burn up calories, which also felt like punishment. Understanding the Mind over Fatter philosophy has changed that - I now see it as fun, good for my body and mind, and a great way to meet people and see new places. All a matter of attitude I suppose!
(Jane) Sent: 23 November 2007 10:37 PM

Note from Cari - it's Jane's mind where the changes have happened, not her body. According to the average plan, Jane would be labelled a diet failure because well um.... as she says...she hasn't lost weight. But in my book she's a huge success because she's living a freer, fuller, healthier and more fun life- and that's what joy-filled living is all about!

Marelise's story

I think Marelize's diet failure story sums it all up and puts it in a nice neat nutshell

Lets face it what we need is a healthy mind in a healthy body. If it wasn’t for Mind over Fatter, my goal in life wouldn’t have been a fit and healthy body, it would have been to be skinny. And that is SO NOT what its all about!!

We don’t measure our progress in kilos and centimetres. We measure it in our degrees to which our thinking has changed about our bodies, food, weight etc. …this is a journey of acceptance and realizing self worth. And definitely not a quick fix!
(Marelise) Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 4:00:17 PM

For me, these motivational diet failure stories are much more powerful than any before and after weight loss photos or so-called weight loss stories because their common ingredient is that the change is happening at a mind rather than just body level. That's what

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builds high self esteem and makes changes sustainable. By the way, here are some fabulous self-esteem-building-activites self-esteem building activities.

Don't under-estimate the whole 'you are a diet failure story' the weight loss industry sells us.

That's all nonsense ... diets are designed to fail.

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Be Body-Wise and Natural-Size

I got the link to your website from the SBI website forum and decided to take a peek. Excellent information here. I especially like the page about sleep and weight , as well as the info on international weight research . Keep up the good work. I love your bright, cheery logo :)
Catherine - New Hampshire,USA

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Mind over Fatter

I really love the idea of doing some 'head stuff' tweaking instead of dieting. This is a GREAT website, loaded with unusual information.
Linda-Tampa, Florida

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I LOVE this website. It's really thought-provoking, it's given me ideas about dieting and weight loss that I would never have contemplated. It makes such sense in a world where much about dieting doesn't. Bravo! I also loved your quizzes. I will be a repeat visitor. PS I have signed up for your free Joy-Filled Body Tips.
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I am a university-bound teenager from the United States. Two years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia, a battle that eventually found me in the hospital.Dieting has robbed me of too much time. I found this website by chance. I've spent a lot of time browsing through articles and reading stories. It has changed my attitude and made me want to be MY ideal weight, not someone else's. Thank you to all the contributors and readers of Mind over Fatter. I deeply appreciate everything you do.(abridged by Cari)
Zoe - United States

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I can't believe Oprah hasn't interviewed you on her show yet!
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It's easy in our society today to feel that our value is determined by the number on the scale. I am encouraged to change my mind so I can love myself for who I am not how much I weigh. Thank you so much for your website. It is such an inspiration to me!
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