Old wives tale about eating tomatoes during pregnancy

by Suze-Jean
(Alberqueque, NM)

Eating tomatoes during pregnancy

Eating tomatoes during pregnancy

I've been craving tomatoes and my mother's best friend insists I should NOT eat them all because of an old wives tale about eating tomatoes during pregnancy. It says that eating tomatoes during pregnancy is bad because the tomato skins (you know how if you're cooking them or if you put them in boiling water the skins form these curled up ribbons) will apparently strangle my baby. Of course it's all rubbish. My 'in the womb' baby doesn't have tomato skins floating around in it's amniotic fluid! The only access my baby has to the tomatoes I eat during pregnancy is the nutrients from the tomato which my baby gets via my umbilical cord. Thanks for the great article on eating during pregnancy it really put my mind at ease and it's absolutely fascinating to know how my eating is affecting my baby!

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